IT Should Just Work

At N Point Strategies, we have a proven record of planning information technology strategies that are stable, secure and financially predictable.  We can advise and assist with choosing the right service companies and creating the necessary processes and procedures.  If you already have technology staff and providers, we can create a plan that gives long-term direction and fits with your overall business strategy

If your technology is having issues on a regular basis, or hasn’t been upgrade in quite some time, then we can help you get a plan in place.  N Point Strategies looks at how your business is currently using technology such as PCs, servers, routers, and Internet and then we find out where you are headed in the future.   By using an enterprise risk-based approach, N Point Strategies will make sure your critical systems and single point of failures have the backup plans and processes in place needed to keep your business up and running smoothly.  

It’s also important to have regularly scheduled reviews and maintenance planned so that you meet your regulatory requirements and also, so you don’t have constant issues that disrupt your business.  If you have to meet audit and exam requirements, N Point Strategies provides the documentation and security to meet your requirements!